“Jill is a terrific listener and writer. She provides ‘spot on’ work and a pleasure to work with. I had many articles published and strongly recommend Jill.”
Robert S.

“Jill Shtulman is an inspiring and results-oriented writer who excels at creating outstanding print, promotional, and corporate communications. She has been my ‘go to’ writer for my luxury skincare brand for the past five years and has been instrumental in the brand’s growth and visibility. I highly recommend Jill to anyone who seeks a world-class writer with a solid track record of success.”
John O.

“I am grateful to have found Jill. She wrote the content for my website and although the website wasn’t completely ready, I immediately started receiving clients just from the first draft viewing of my website. At that point, I hired her, again, to do our brochures and welcome letter to clients. I recommend Jill and will be recommending her to my colleagues. Thanks Jill!”
Aradia K.

“I have been working with Jill to create the text for our company’s new website. She is just brilliant! She came to the project prepared and knowledgeable about our business. Her ideas were pertinent and very creative; her writing style is so on-target; and her fees are very reasonable. I would not hesitate to recommend Jill; she is responsive and easy to work with and most of all, she has the writing skills and creative style we really needed to make our website stand out. She has been an absolute pleasure to work with!”
Dawn M.

“Jill is a fantastic writer but she’s also a great collaborator which is what made the work we did together so successful. I needed copy written for a project, but the material was ill-defined so Jill collaborated with me to quickly identify the main points, establish the tone, and develop a focused and effective result. She’s very responsive, productive and pleasant to deal with, too. Highly recommend!”
Dave H.

“Jill Shtulman took our brand to the next level. We were in need of a writer who understood our audience and wrote compelling product descriptions. With her help we are seeing increased online conversion rates. Jill is extremely talented and an exceptional value. She delivers her work on time (usually before) and is always consistent. Per our CEO’s request Jill is now involved with new product development and brand messaging. We consider ourselves very lucky to find her and will continue to use her for all our copy writing needs.”
Julie H.

“Jill has worked with us on several occasions and has consistently exceeded our expectations in a very timely manner. She has an invaluable ability to coordinate with designers, programmers, printers and others to get the best result from the finished product. She has earned our respect and confidence in meeting our needs for effective marketing materials.”
James B.

“Jill has helped SandPoint tremendously. Her professional and creative writing style has greatly improved our marketing material. She has responded quickly to our requests and has been a pleasure to work with.”
Bryan W.

“Jill is a fabulous professional, with great expertise in the subject-matter. Prior to putting pen to paper, she listens to you and makes sure she understands your needs. Obviously, the result is just what you want, and then some. Jill will go out of her way to make sure you succeed whether by acommodating changes, helping you benchmark your campaign against others, or by referring you to the right professionals that can partner with you and help you succeed. Will keep going back for all my copywriting needs. When you hire her, you won’t regret it!”
Antonio G.

“Jill has exceptional experience in coprwriting direct mail applications that drive strong results. She has a demonstrated track record that crosses many vertical markets and works very well withi account teams. She always goes the extra mile in researching the subject.”
Anton M.

“I’m always amazed at the compelling copy Jill creates. The lady certainly can persuade readers. The package and message she designs blows the top of the sales charts or the hits/views to a web site.”
Paul L.

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Jill for many years. She’s a talented and resourceful creative copywriter who has unlimited enthusiasm and thinks ‘outside the box’ on every project she works on. What’s more, she’s an extremely versatile writer and has an uncanny ability for developing smart and effective marketing solutions. I give Jill my highest recommendations.”
John D. M.

“Fast. Accurate. Knowledgeable. And creative too. Everything you expect in a writer with Agency credentials (and a write up in the WSJ). Most of the so-called ‘Talent’ aren’t really. But Jill the REAL thing.”
William W.

“Most people consider themselves to be great writers. After all, having spent 12 years or more in school, they have lots of experience to support their claims. But most people aren’t great writers. Most of aren’t even what you’d call ‘good.” And the difference between someone who thinks they can write and someone who truly can becomes clear when Jill writes for you.

“Jill is an extremely bright person – she understands business, she understands communication, she understands the psychological processes that take place in the mind of a reader. In short: she ‘gets’ it, and she makes things happen. And that’s the purpose of writing to begin with!”
Martin H.

“Jill worked for and with me for many years as a Senior Copywriter but more like a creative director because even though she is a excellant creative wordsmith her marketing vision is broader than most. This results in her being a quick study on any product or service and by applying that tallent she produces creative concepts and ideas that capitalize on marketing in and outside the box. Jill is equally adept at Consumer as well as Business creative copwriting and marketing.”
Ronald P.

“I have worked on over 50 magazines and countless business capabilities projects. Each had their group of writers and editors and many were tops in their respective fields of expertise. When it comes to Jill and her writing – you reach a depth of analytical abilities that is just very rare. She is able to distill and crystalize very complex issues, concepts and messages like none other. WE have greatly enjoyed working with her and we are equally very happy with the results that her talents have brought to our company. If you hire Jill you will be hiring the ultimate in copy writing which will stimulate sales in excite your target audience.”
Norman G.

“Working with Jill was an absolute pleasure. She showed the ambition to dive head-first into our company and products to gain a complete understanding of the way we function, and then delivered superb work in which she often beat our time deadlines handily. I would recommend Jill to anybody.”
John S.

“Jill is very goal-directed and always stays on-target. She is a creative presence who is a real team player. Jill writes splendidly and always goes the extra mile with her clients. I recommend her highly.”
Leigh P.

“BEFORE PICTURE: Hire advertising firms, copywriters and assorted other service providers. Attempt to explain our firm’s complex business model. Recognize ‘deer in the headlights’ stares. Go through multiple, lengthy iterations of writing/editing cycles. End up feeling that only ‘we’ can understand our business model and that we would have spent less time and effort if we had done it ourselves in the first place.

AFTER PICTURE: Hire Jill. Provide the same overview of our business that we always have. Jill applies not only her creative and marketing expertise, but her considerable knowledge of how businesses and channels work. Draft one comes back almost perfect. Spend ‘new found’ time wondering why it used to be so difficult.”
Scott K.

“Jill is a joy to work with. The level of her knowledge, talent and responsiveness can’t be beat.”
Leslie H.

“JSA Creative, simply put, writes content for our marketing materials and nails it every time. We wouldn’t go anywhere else!”
Rita B.

“Jill’s collaborative, streamlined approach, along with excellent management of tight deadlines, makes her the optimal choice as a copywriter and marketing resource. Excellent communication skills and flexibility in product understanding allow her to independently hone-in and craft persuasive and artful marketing verbiage.”
Jordan M.

“Jill is an outstanding service provider and team player on any of the creative projects we have worked on together. I can always count on Jill providing unexpected solutions that satisfy all the needs requested. She has a can do attitude, often excelling with the most demanding creative solutions required of her. If you want results, hire Jill.”
Robert M.