A Few Areas of Expertise

When it comes to writing for business, my expertise spans many sectors:

FINANCIAL: From acquisition to retention… from loyalty programs to fulfillment… you can rely on my business writing service. I specialize in all kinds of credit card mailings, including affinity mailings, as well as HELOCS, home equity loans, and mortgage/refinancing. And my professional writing services include strategic thinking.

INSURANCE: Whole and term life… Med Supplements… AD&D… E&O… home and auto insurance… I know insurance inside out. In addition to marketing copywriting that works, my professional writing services include advice on what formats and positioning have the greatest possibilities of breakthrough success.

FUNDRAISING: One of the world’s largest humanitarian organizations… top-rated healthcare organizations… animal welfare… religious institutions… these are just a few of the successful fundraising projects I’ve tackled.

HOSPITALITY: Whether it’s generating new leads for second home properties or creating excitement or leading hotels and resorts, my advertising copywriting works. And drives in guests and buyers.

CONSUMER AND BUSINESS: I’ve done everything from theodolites (ask me what it is!) to porta-potties… from quality food items to logistics. For promotional writing, I’m a quick study and convincing salesperson.

HEALTH: My professional writing services encompass everything from brochure writing to web writing for medical billing services, alternative health solutions, health services and more. My marketing copywriting is second to none.

TECHNICAL/IT: I have a gift for making the complex simple, whether I’m writing on software, analytics and risk management, energetic solutions, or anything else.

WEBSITE: I’m an expert in the art and science of web content writing. Ask me about my web writing, or see the “web writing” link at left.